Can Video Surveillance Support a Personal Injury Claim?

Key Evidence in a Personal Injury Case

Now that more people are using smartphones than ever before, it does not take much effort to record accidents while they are happening. Because video surveillance is easily accessible and readily available in most places, it is often used as a key piece of evidence when a person is filing a personal injury claim.

When It Comes in Handy

Video surveillance can come in handy for quite a few different cases. If there is footage of a person who slips and gets hurt at the mall, the footage may be used to provide insight as to what transpired leading up to the fall and the injuries that were sustained. If someone gets severely injured while in a car accident and there is surveillance footage of the accident taking place on the road, that footage may be used to support the claims of the injured individual. When an insurance company needs to get involved because they are responsible for compensating individuals that have filed claims, the surveillance footage is good to have.

When It Commonly Gets Used

Because the insurance companies often have the responsibility of compensating the injured party, they are usually going to want to review the surveillance footage to see what really happened and who caused the accident to occur. Sometimes the injured person has one story while the other person involved in the accident has a different story. You never know who is telling the truth until you review that footage and see things firsthand. Surveillance footage is often taken at the scene of the accident to provide even more insight. It is the claims adjusters that will often watch this footage to have a better understanding of how the accident even happened.

Some insurance adjusters will keep a close eye on a person after they have filed a claim. They want to watch what the person is doing and see if he or she is really suffering from the injuries that have been mentioned in the claim.

Obtaining Surveillance Footage

Although the insurance adjusters do have permission to film the person who is filing the personal injury claim, they must not go to extreme measures to capture the footage they are seeking. The adjusters must respect the privacy of these individuals. However, they can keep a close eye on the individual when he or she is out in public to see if that person is doing something that they currently claim they cannot do because of their injuries.

It is not just about grabbing footage of the victim at random moments to see if he or she is telling the truth. In addition to taking traditional footage with a camera, the adjusters may carefully monitor the victim’s social media pages, such as Facebook and Instagram, to see if the individual is truly suffering or not. What they are trying to do is prove that the person filing the claim is not really suffering despite the accident that he or she got into.

When a person is injured because another person was negligent, the injured person needs to hire a personal injury attorney. The attorney is there to provide help to victims while making sure they understand the rights they have in these types of situations. The attorney will have experience taking on such cases and will do what it takes to represent the client, even if it means dealing with adjusters that are trying to discredit the injured person.

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