Cell Phone Use and Car Accidents

Distracted Driving

How many times have you checked a message or attempted to use a social media platform while driving down the road? While most of us won’t admit it, it’s a bad habit that too many Americans partake in.

Unfortunately, many are either unaware of the dangers of distracted driving or they overestimate their ability to multitask. Below we’ll get into the details about the types of distractions cell phones pose and the dangers of distracted driving.

What Types of Distractions Do Cell Phones Pose to Drivers?

Cell phones are distracting for drivers because it takes their focus away from the road. Initially, cell phones posed a risk to drivers because they were used primarily for phone calls. It’s very risky to momentarily take your eyes off the road to reach for your cell phone when it’s ringing. Even getting into an interesting conversation can divert your attention from traffic and other road hazards. Here’s some other cell phone-related task that can distract you:

  • Sending or reading text messages
  • Utilizing the GPS navigation system on a smartphone
  • Attempting to use a streaming music service
  • Gaming (Pokemon Go)
  • Checking notifications
  • Social media
  • Checking notifications

Unbelievably, sending or reading a text message is six times more likely to cause a car accident than drunk driving.

What Are the Dangers of Distracted Driving?

The National Safety Council estimates that nearly 1.6 million car accidents are directly caused by cell phones each year. According to these estimates, that means that nearly one out of every four car accidents is a result of distracted driving.

Understand the risks you take when you choose to drive distracted. Depending on the circumstances around the crash, people could get seriously injured. It’s not uncommon for high speed crashes to cause permanent disabilities or even death. Even when the injuries are not so extreme, the damages can be severe. Here are the types of losses you could be held financially liable for in the event your distracted driving causes a crash:

  • The victim’s medical bills
  • Pain and suffering compensation for the victim
  • Any vehicle repairs

In addition, some states have laws prohibiting cell phone use behind the wheel. You could be criminally charged if it’s determined that you were using your phone while driving. Punishments could include fines, community service and a loss of driving privileges.

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