Questions Your Personal Injury Lawyer Will Likely Ask You

If you’re injured and someone else is at fault, you may decide to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you. Hiring a lawyer often requires an initial consultation that allows you to choose the right one for your case. During this meeting, you can also expect the lawyer to ask you questions related to your case to decide if it’s worth pursuing.

Here are a few questions you can expect your personal injury lawyer to ask you:

What Happened?

The details of the accident are one of the most important topics you’ll discuss with your potential personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer will want to know what happened, when it happened, and the outcome. They may ask you to further explain specific events that led up to the accident to help establish blame.

What Are Your Injuries?

Another important topic to discuss is your injuries. The purpose of a personal injury lawsuit is to recover costs related to your damages. The most common damages that people pursue through a personal injury case are medical costs. It can be helpful to bring any medical documents you have to your consultation, like medical records or bills.

Do You Have Any Evidence?

A personal injury lawyer may also ask you if you have any evidence available. Some evidence can’t be as easily collected after the fact, like photographs or video from the scene of the accident. If a lawyer decides to work with you, they may assist you in collecting any additional evidence.

What Has Happened Since the Accident?

The details of the events from the accident to now are also important to discuss. This may include questions such as if you have talked to or filed a claim with the insurance company. It may also include any conversations you have had with employers or the defendant. The lawyer will also want to know how the accident has impacted your life since.

Questions to Ask Your Lawyer

An initial consultation isn’t solely for the lawyer. It also gives you the opportunity to meet with personal injury lawyers and choose one that you feel comfortable with handling your case. Here are a few questions to ask your lawyer:

  • What is your experience, both in law and with a case like mine?
  • Will you personally be working on my case?
  • What hours are you available for questions regarding my case?
  • How do you charge?
  • How many other cases are you currently handling?
  • How familiar are you with this state’s laws?
  • How long do you expect this case to go on?
  • What do you think my case is worth?

You’re welcome to ask any potential lawyers any questions you may have about the process. If you decide to go with a certain lawyer, it’s important to know what, and how, they charge. Some lawyers may charge you up-front, whereas most charge based on the success of your case. This means there is little risk in meeting with personal injury lawyers to decide if you have a case.

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