3 Must-Have Traffic Apps That Can Save Time

Today, getting to a destination quickly is something many people try to do, as more and more people are becoming rushed with their daily lives. Unfortunately, many apps on cell phones do not account for real time traffic, which can cause people to become both frustrated and more rushed, leading to a possible accident. It is important to have an app that accounts for this real-time traffic, and gives you different options for both the fastest and safest travel.


One of the best apps for fastest car travel is Inrix. It is a free application available for both iOS and Android, and it provides up-to-speed traffic data to inform you of the fastest route possible. Additionally, Inrix allows you to choose your own route with waypoints if you want to try a different route. It will give you the ETA, and let you know about any potential complications with that route.

Beat The Traffic

Another free application available on both iOS and Android, many claim it has a slightly better user interface than Inrix. Unfortunately, this application is only available in the US and Canada, and it is slightly less updated than Inrix in the sense that the real-time traffic updates may be a little delayed. Though, in more populated areas, the updated traffic alerts are much more accurate, so this may be a good option for those in populated areas.


An interesting option for sure, its goal is to make traffic a little more fun—not something you hear often. It uses pictures to depict what may be jamming up an area of a road, except the pictures are very cartoon-like and fun. The more you use it, the better it gets with recognizing problems with your route, and will suggest different routes if they are better.

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