What to Do When Accident Injuries Take Time to Appear

Some car accident injuries, like lacerations, are immediately apparent. Others may not be obvious right away. It’s only in the hours or day following the accident that you start to realize something isn’t right. You may even realize you have been seriously injured.

Several factors are involved in delaying the recognition of car accident injuries. During a crash, the brain senses danger and responds by signaling for the production of endorphins and adrenaline. These substances help you respond more quickly to danger, but they also mask the effects of injuries for a short time.

In addition, car accidents typically generate a great deal of force, which places stress on the soft tissues. The soft tissues of the head, neck, and shoulders are often injured by the forces generated in a crash, resulting in “whiplash” injuries (also known as neck sprain or strain). The most common symptoms of these injuries include pain, swelling, and stiffness, which take time to fully develop.

A concussion suffered during a crash may similarly go unnoticed until you start having trouble thinking clearly or concentrating, or until a headache sets in – which may not occur until after you’ve left the accident scene.

Whether your symptoms appear immediately following an accident or not for several hours, it’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible once you realize you’ve been hurt. Your physician can diagnose your condition, check for additional injuries, and recommend a treatment plan tailored to your needs. Seeing a doctor promptly also creates a record of your injuries, which can be essential evidence in establishing your injury claim.

Many types of accident injuries can appear in the hours after the event – and these injuries are as deserving of compensation as any other. Talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer about your legal options: contact The Law Offices of Richard A Stoloff today for more information. Contact our office at phone number 609.957.6810 or via our online contact form to get started today.

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