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Do Minor Vehicle Accidents in New Jersey Need to Be Reported?

should I report my minor car accident? NJThe general consensus is to call the police and file a report following a vehicle accident, however not every incident is considered something that involves such measures. If there were no injuries and damages to the vehicles were extremely minimal, the police do not usually have to be called. People in many incidents of gentle bumps or minor accidents will attempt to work it out together. Although this may seem optimal, it is important to remember that insurance companies expect you to report any and all incidents, even if New Jersey law only specifies that need under certain conditions.


Reasons Why You Should Contact the Police Following Your New Jersey Automobile Accident

New Jersey State Law requires you to report your car accident to the police if the accident causes ANY injury, death, or involves damaged property higher than $500. The law also mentions that you should do so by the “quickest means of communication.” This generally means that you should make a quick phone call or ask someone with a phone to do so.

There are risks to not calling the police, even in accidents that you and the other party consider “not serious.” Someone involved in the accident may have an injury, but they may not be showing immediate symptoms due to stress hormones released due to fear caused by the incident. Police and ambulance officials are trained to look for certain issues and to bring you to the hospital when there is any possible risk.

There are also circumstances in which the other party does not want to report it because they are uninsured. You will want to get law officials involved if this is the case, because if something goes wrong with your health or your vehicle after you resolve things with the other party, you are even less likely to get a settlement from your own car insurance company.

Reporting Your Accident to Your Car Insurance Company

Any automobile insurance provider you have will expect you to file a report with them if you get into an accident. Whether it was severe and resulted in serious injuries or was a little rear-ending bump, you are required to do so. This isn’t a required by law, but can have a coverage consequence if you and the other party decide to remain silent.

If you decide to work it out with the other party and delayed medical symptoms pop up or delayed car issues occur, you will now be in trouble. The insurance companies will discover that you delayed a report or hid it from them, which goes against their rules. They will execute their right to not cover you and there is often no way to force them to do so by law. You should always stay aware of the dangers of “working it out.”

The only time we would recommend you don’t report it to the insurance company is if you were in a scenario that did not involve another party. For instance, if you backed into your mailbox or garage door, you can go and get this taken care of at a local auto shop.

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