What You Need to Know About New Jersey Car Accident Reports

Knowing what a car accident report is, and how and when to file one, is important if you drive in New Jersey. This can help you navigate an accident, ensuring you follow the state’s legal requirements.

What is a Car Accident Report?

A car accident report is an official report that lists the details of an accident and notifies the state that an accident occurred. Most people file a car accident report by notifying the local police. As soon as you report a car accident, the local county will send a police officer to the scene of the accident. While at the scene, they’ll request additional information from both drivers, as well as any witnesses. They will then use this information to create an official police report. In New Jersey, it’s also possible to file a police report on your own.

Is a Car Accident Report Required in New Jersey?

A police report is required in New Jersey if the estimated losses are more than $500. The problem with this estimate is it’s not always easy to calculate the value of damages right after an accident. This can lead to some making the mistake of not reporting an accident. For this reason, it’s generally recommended to file a police report, regardless of the severity of the accident.

Even a car accident that appears minor can easily result in over $500 of damages. A required paint touch-up on your car or a few visits to a medical provider can quickly lead to damages exceeding the $500 limit.

How to Report a Car Accident Yourself

If the local police don’t show up, or you chose not to call them, it’s possible to report a car accident yourself. You can do this using the New Jersey Self-Reporting Crash Form, also referred to as SR-1. You can also download the form and mail it in if you prefer. If you choose this route, you have just 10 days to file the accident report to stay within the state’s legal requirements.

How to Get a Copy of the Car Accident Report

You may need a copy of the car accident report for a few reasons, including filing an insurance claim with your insurance provider. Requesting a copy of the car accident report is easy through the app. Once you report the accident in the app, you can then request a copy of the report. If any photographs were uploaded to the app with the report, you can also download these.

This process can take a few weeks, however, so it’s best to request a copy as soon as you file the accident report.

Inconsistencies in a Car Accident Report?

While a car accident report doesn’t determine liability, it does include evidence that may lead to a determination of liability. If the report includes any inconsistent or inaccurate information, it may be worth it to reach out to a lawyer. Although New Jersey is a no-fault state, if the report demonstrates negligence on your behalf, you could be personally responsible for costs.

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