What to Expect Physically After a Car Accident

Car accidents can range in severity from minor injuries to life-changing ones that affect you financially and inhibit your ability to work. One of the biggest problems with car accidents is that it’s not always easy to distinguish how severe the accident was, as physical symptoms don’t always show up immediately.

Common Physical Consequences of a Car Accident

Here are some of the most common physical consequences of a car accident:


Head pain of some type is very common following a car accident. A headache can be simply due to stress, or it can have another cause. Some common causes of headaches include whiplash, a head or neck injury, a concussion, or even a traumatic brain injury (TBI). If you hit your head during a car accident, it’s important to seek medical care.

Neck or Back Pain

Neck or back pain can also occur from a variety of causes. For one, your seatbelt often tightens when it anticipates impact, which can lead to minor bruising. Other common causes of neck or back pain may include stress, muscle tension, muscle injury, or ligament injury. It’s also possible to have nerve or tissue damage.


Some degree of numbness may also be felt, especially in the legs or arms. This is usually due to nerve damage. If you feel numbness or tingling, it’s important to receive immediate medical care.

Bruising or Bleeding

Initial bleeding may be due to seatbelt abrasion or hitting a part of your body, like your head, on a solid object. While small amounts of surface-level bleeding may not be as big of a deal, bruising can indicate internal bleeding. Internal bleeding can continue bleeding until the cause is found.

Mood Changes or Trouble Concentrating

Mood changes or trouble concentrating may seem like a normal side effect, especially if all you can think about is the accident. However, these symptoms should also be evaluated as they can indicate that you have a concussion. If you are experiencing any degree of confusion or mood changes, it’s best to seek medical care.

Ringing in Your Ears

Ringing in your ears is also a common symptom following a car accident. Ringing in the ears is usually a symptom of a concussion. While it may seem like a minor annoyance at first, it can indicate that you require medical care.

You may feel some of these physical consequences right after the car accident. Some of them, however, you may not feel for many hours, or even days.

Why a Medical Evaluation is So Important Following a Car Accident

It’s normal to have a lot of thoughts immediately following a car accident. You may be rushed to get to your destination or to begin taking care of things like notifying your insurance company or filing a police report. However, not all injuries from a car accident are immediately recognizable, making a medical evaluation one of the most important steps following a car accident.

It’s best to receive a medical evaluation following a car accident, regardless of how you initially feel. If you do experience injuries that require medical care, then you’ll also want to consider your legal options as soon as possible.

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