Train Accident at Hoboken Terminal Causes More than 100 Injuries, One Death

Train Accident at Hoboken Terminal

Authorities are investigating a train accident at the Hoboken train station that caused one death and injuries to more than 100 people. The train derailment is getting national news coverage, with media outlets reporting that investigators still do not know exactly why the NJ commuter train failed to slow down before arriving at the Hoboken station.

The person who died in the train accident was Fabiola Bittar de Kroon, a 34-year-old Hoboken woman standing on the train platform when the train left the tracks. The NJ State Medical Examiner’s Office pronounced her dead a short time after the train crash. Sometime later, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spoke with the media and said that the woman died after being struck by debris from the train accident.

In the hours following the train accident, witnesses who were present at the Hoboken station posted images of the train crash aftermath. The photos showed catastrophic property damage to the terminal, with the roof above the station looking like it may have at least partially collapsed and debris scattered throughout the station.

Federal authorities are working with state officials to determine the cause of the horrific train accident. One of the individuals who could prove vital to the investigation is Thomas Gallagher, a 48-year-old man who has worked with the New Jersey Transit for 29 years. Gallagher was reportedly the engineer on board the train that crashed. The hope of safety officials is that Gallagher will be able to provide some insight into why the train did not slow down as it entered the Hoboken Terminal. NTSB investigators are also hopeful that they will be able to recover at least one of the event recorders on the train. The train also had two cameras, which could be extremely helpful to investigators as they try to figure out who, or what, caused the train crash.

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