Top 6 Accidents That Occur in the Summer

Summer is a time for sunshine and vacations. However, many people aren’t aware that summer also brings with it an increase in accidents. Understanding the top summer accidents can help you and your family stay safe.

Most Common Summer Accidents

These are the top six summer accidents:

Car Accidents

With more drivers on the road during the summer months, there is a significant increase in car accidents. Teens are out for summer break, which leads to more inexperienced drivers on the road. People are more likely to drink and drive after attending summer parties. There may also be a lot of fatigued drivers on the road with people traveling long distances for vacation.

Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcyclists look forward to the summer months so they can finally take their bikes out of storage. Other drivers on the road are less aware and not yet used to looking out for motorcyclists. Because many motorcyclists store their motorcycles away during the winter months, faulty mechanics can also lead to an increase in motorcycle accidents.

Bicycle Accidents

The warmer weather also leads to more pedestrians and bicyclists. People may take more walks or rely on their bicycles to get to a friend’s house. They may also be less aware of the rules of the road. Distracted drivers may also fail to notice someone walking or riding a bicycle, which can lead to an accident.

Defective Product Accidents

With kids out of school for the summer, they may spend a lot of time playing with friends in the backyard. Defective products, including pool equipment or toys, can lead to injuries. Trampoline accidents are one of the most common backyard accidents and can be caused by an improperly installed or designed product.

Property Injuries

Many people will travel near and far to enjoy summer vacations this year. Another common summer accident occurs when these people slip, fall, or are injured in other ways while visiting shopping malls or hotels. Defective or dangerous properties may also lead to injuries as guests rent Airbnbs or hotels.

Swimming or Boating Accidents

Swimming and boating are common summer activities to beat the New Jersey heat. While spending the day at the lake or ocean may be an enjoyable activity, it can also lead to accidents. People may be at risk of slipping and falling off the boat or accidental drowning. Younger children are especially at risk of swimming accidents.

Why Summer Increases the Risk of Accidents and Injuries

People’s behaviors change during the summer months. Children spend more time outdoors with friends and may not have the same level of parental supervision. Many people are less cautious when driving in the absence of snow or ice. They may be more willing to drink and drive after attending backyard parties just a few miles from their home.

All of these factors work together to make up one of the most dangerous times of the year for accidents. It’s still possible to enjoy a safe and memorable summer by being aware of these common safety risks. It can also be helpful to know what to do if you’re in an accident this summer. First and foremost, always receive medical care. Then, consider your options as you may need help covering medical bills or lost wages.

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