Can Self-Driving Cars Prevent Accidents, or Cause More of Them?

The future may be closer than you think if self-driving car manufacturers have their way. These vehicles are making significant headway and may be just what is needed to reduce accidents on the roadway.

Reduces Accidents By 90 Percent

At last count, only 17 self-driving vehicles on the road were involved in accidents—a record that is only faulted by human error. In almost every instance of an accident with a self-driving car, some form of human interference could be accounted for, making them safer than you think.

With a myriad of sensors and videos monitoring every aspect of the vehicle’s location, distance, and depth perception, it is hard to figure that it could be so reliable, yet it is. While some claim that there can be delays in technology due to Wi-Fi signal, the reports of these vehicles reducing accidents by as much as 90 percent is something to consider.

With a success rating this accurate, many lives would be spared as estimates place survivor rates as high as 30,000 lives a year. Couple this over a decade and it becomes more impactful at 300,000 lives, and that is just in the U.S. alone.

Would You Let A Self-Driving Car Drive You?

The issue with self-driving cars comes down more to driver acceptance as not many Americans will give up their right to take to the open road. In a study by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute, only 15.6 percent said they like the idea of control being handled by a self-driving car. The same study saw that 43.8 percent of respondents wanted nothing to do with self-driving capabilities.

While we may be a few years from self-driving cars taking over completely, drivers should rest assured that there is something to be said about the safety and performance of these vehicles. We might not be ready right now, but with the ability to save lives in the future, a self-driving car may be pulling up in your driveway sooner than you think.

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