Reporting Your Accident to Your Insurance Company

Filing an insurance claim is an important step towards seeking out compensation for your injuries, but many people question whether or not they should even report their car accident to their insurance company. It’s important for motorists to understand the different types of claims after an accident, when to report and the consequences associated with failing to to do so.

Types of Claims After an Accident

There are two main types of insurance claims that can be filed following an accident. First party claims are defined as claims you make with your own insurance company. Third party claims, on the other hand, are made by reaching out to the insurance provider of another individual. The type of claim that you file is dependent on several factors including:

  • The type of accident that occurred
  • The limits of your own insurance coverage
  • Who was at fault for the accident

Should I Report the Accident to my Insurance Company?

At times, motorists may be cautious when reporting an accident to their insurance company. Motorists often fear that their insurance premiums will rise regardless of fault. Despite these valid concerns, you need to report any accidents where there were injuries to yourself, passengers or the other driver. Any accident that may lead to a claim in the future needs to be reported in a timely manner. Unless you are severely injured and unable to talk over the phone, it’s a good idea to report your car accident to your own insurance company within 24-72 hours of the incident. You can expect to give the agent details like who was driving, who was involved, whether there were injuries and other information. Be as honest as possible when explaining your situation. In the event a claim is pursued, an investigation into the accident is likely to follow.

What Happens if I Wait too Long to Report the Accident?

Reporting your accident to your insurance provider as soon as possible is important because failing to do so may be considered a breach of your contract. Without prompt notification, your insurance company may attempt to reject any future claims regarding the incident. It is also possible that the other driver involved will reach out to their insurance company with a false story. Unless you provide your side of the story, the other company may attempt to collect from your insurance company.

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