Ocean City Woman Who Contracted Bacterial Infection After Arrest Receives Settlement

A woman who was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) and who contracted MRSA due to an improper catheterization related to the arrest recently received a $140,000 settlement from the city, with the help of attorney Richard A. Stoloff.

The woman was pulled over by police in 2012 for erratic driving. When she could not provide a breath or urine sample, police transported her to Shore Medical Center to obtain blood and urine samples for testing. According to the woman’s lawsuit, a police officer was involved in the catheterization, which is how she contracted MRSA, a serious bacterial infection. She also stated that she did not consent to give either the blood or the urine samples.

The settlement was reached between the woman and Ocean City. In it, the city does not admit guilt. Instead, the city agrees to pay $140,000, and in exchange, the woman agrees to drop the case.

The case originally named two police officers and a nurse who was involved in the catheterization. However, the nurse’s attorney claims she was dropped from the lawsuit before the settlement occurred and has not been part of paying the settlement. Claims against all three defendants were dismissed on May 8, according to court documents obtained through an Open Public Records Act request.

Governmental immunity protects police officers and government workers in some situations when an accident or injury occurs. However, it does not protect them in all situations. Because these claims often must follow special rules, it is wise to work with an experienced lawyer who understands how to bring injury claims against police officers and other government workers and how those rules apply to specific situations, such as your own injury claim.

If you’ve been injured while in police custody, an experienced New Jersey injury lawyer can help you hold any negligent parties accountable and pursue compensation for your losses.

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