Learn More About Small Claims Court

Small claims court is a more unique, simple court, for those looking to file for smaller claims. Personal injury claims, for example, are cases that are normally dealt with in a larger court, as there are large amounts of money at stake, in addition to lawyers and their fees. Small claims court, on the other hand, is typically for cases under $5,000, and attorneys are not allowed. So, when is it a good option to choose a small claims court?

Friend will not repay a loan

So you decide to lend your friend some money. Whether it be a written or verbal agreement, for whatever reason, they did not pay you back. You go to confront them about the issue, and they still refuse to repay you. The amount seems so minuscule, and hiring a lawyer to help you fight for that money would be pointless, as all the money would go to other fees. This is a time where a small claims court is a great option. As long as the amount you are suing for is under $5,000, you are set to go. The court fee for a $5,000 case is $75, and the minimum fee is $35 for anything involving $1,500 or less,

You purchase a new product that is defective, and the supplier will not replace/refund it

This is another common case. Say you buy an appliance that costs you $3,000, but as soon as you go to use it, it simply does not work. At this point, you go to the supplier, expecting them to replace it, or possibly even refund you. However, they feel otherwise and refuse to help you. This is a great time to take it to a small claims court.

Again, the maximum claim is $5,000 in a small claims court. If your claim is larger than that, it must be taken to a larger court. If this is the case, let Stoloff Law help. We will fight for your compensation, and get you what you deserve. Contact our offices today to schedule a consultation.

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