Ikea Plans to Pay $46 Million to Family of Jozef Dudek, Toddler Killed by Tipped Dresser

It was just three years ago when a two-year-old boy, Jozef Dudek, was found dead underneath a toppled Ikea dresser. The dresser tilted over and suffocated the young boy, causing him to pass away at an incredibly young age. The parents of the young boy ended up filing a lawsuit against Ikea after they found out that the product was defective and that there were other people who experienced the same issues with the dresser. They never expected their child to sustain injuries from a dresser let alone die because of one.

What Happened?

Joleen Dudek is the child’s mother. She worked with wrongful death attorneys on the lawsuit against Ikea. She said that despite a recall of that specific dresser that took place in 2016 when Ikea decided to recall more than 17 million of its dressers, she had never heard anything about it. She did not get an email, mail, text message, or phone call from the company stating that a recall had taken place, which is why the Malm dresser was still being used in her household. It is likely still being used in the households of others who have not heard about the recall, as well.

In the lawsuit, Jozef Dudek’s parents claim that Ikea was negligent because they knowingly sold unstable dressers that could easily be tipped over, causing harm to young children who may be opening a drawer or trying to grab something from the dresser. The parents believe that the company did not do enough to prevent the death of their child, the deaths of other children, and the numerous injuries that many other children have sustained from these dressers.

Although they acknowledge that Ikea did recall the dressers that it produced, they feel the company did not do enough to promote the recall and make customers aware of the problem with their purchases. If the company had taken more of an initiative to provide numerous warnings to customers, Jozef Dudek might still be here today.

The Fallout from the Accident

Ikea issued a statement in which the company claims to feel relieved that they have reached an agreement with the parents of Jozef Dudek. The company says that they are sorry for the loss of the young boy and they will strive to work on improving the safety of their products to prevent such problems from happening again.

The amount of money that is being awarded to the Dudeks is the highest amount awarded in a dresser-related case from Ikea. Families of other victims have been awarded compensation for what happened in the past, but it was not as high as the amount that Ikea has settled for with the Dudeks after the death of their son.

Ikea knowingly admitted that there was something defective about the dressers they produced, which falls under the category of product liability. Those who have sustained injuries or even death because of an Ikea dresser may still be eligible to receive compensation. Individuals would need to discuss their specific situation with a product liability attorney who can assist them and take legal action if it is deemed necessary.

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