How to Find a Lawyer You Can Trust

Thanks to modern technology, people are familiar with doing research on practically anything. For more costly decisions, like hiring an attorney, that research skill becomes even more important. If you have an attorney picked out, you should double-check that they have a good reputation and a clean background. Know that you will be spending a lot of money on their services so you should try and make sure beforehand that they will be worth the cost. Continue reading to find out how you can find a lawyer you can trust to handle your personal injury claim.

Check Their Records

Oftentimes, you can also access the bar association website for your state by doing a quick google search. There, you can find the member dictionary where you can search for your preferred attorney as well as their status history. In their status history you may also find information that stops your attorney from practicing certain areas of law.

Read Client Reviews

A quick Google search can also help you find real people’s reviews on the attorneys in your area. Before you hire an attorney it is important to consider how they treat their clients, their track record, their general attitude, and their professionalism.

There are some pros and cons to reading reviews about lawyers. One pro is that people are generally honest in their reviews and people can give you information about their experience that you can’t find anywhere else. Unfortunately, sometimes people only leave reviews when they feel particularly disappointed or burned which may create an overly negative perception.

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See if They Have A Disciplinary Record

Attorneys can face disciplinary action if they behave in ways that go against the Bar association, like stealing funds, failing to pay dues, or even criminal convictions. Before you hire an attorney, you should check if they have a disciplinary record, as that information is open to the public. As stated above, a professional attorney must be certified by the Bar Association. If the attorney has several complaints against them, the State Bar will keep them private until they go further with a formal discipline against the attorney. The disciplinary action of the board becomes a public record and you can access these records by contacting the state bar association or the clerk at your state’s supreme court.

If you call your clerk, you can tell them the attorney’s name and ask if their license to practice is still valid and about any pending disciplinary charges against that lawyer. You can also ask if the lawyer has a disciplinary record. You can also go on the State Bar’s website to find the same information.

Word of Mouth

If you have a connection to someone who has hired your lawyer before then you should ask them about their experience. To understand whether or not you should go through with hiring this attorney, see what other people have to say about them. See if the people you know and trust have heard anything about the attorney, as this will tell you about their reputation. This is one of the best ways to find out about a lawyer’s reputation.

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