Halloween is One of the Scariest Nights to be a Pedestrian

Halloween night brings out hundreds of thousands of children, walking from door to door, and neighborhood to neighborhood. While many children look forward to Halloween night, it can be one of the most dangerous nights for pedestrian accidents. In fact, the number of pedestrian accidents increases by up to 40%.

Factors Contributing to Pedestrian Accidents on Halloween Night

There are many factors that lead to an increase in pedestrian accidents on Halloween night, including:

  • It gets darker earlier
  • More distractions, for both the driver and the pedestrian
  • More pedestrians on the road
  • More drivers on the road
  • Darker costumes or outfits
  • Younger children in groups

Whether a pedestrian accident occurs on a dark, rainy, Halloween night, or when the sun is shining and bright, it often leads to painful injuries and expensive medical costs. If a driver’s negligence led to your injuries, then it is only right that they cover your expenses.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help Your Pedestrian Accident Case

Were you or a loved one injured in a pedestrian accident? A personal injury lawyer may be able to help. A personal injury lawyer can help you with the following things:

  • Assist you in building your case: A lot goes into building a pedestrian accident case. Your lawyer will help you build your case with things like your medical records, police report, driving records, and witness statements.
  • Stay within New Jersey’s time limits: The state of New Jersey imposes strict time limits on how long you have to file a pedestrian accident claim. In fact, you have just two years from the date of the accident to file. Your lawyer will ensure that your case is filed in a timely manner.
  • Value your case: Calculating an accurate value of your case is important to ensure that you receive the compensation that you need to recover. We will help you come up with an appropriate value for your case, including both economic and non-economic costs. Our goal is to fight for the maximum compensation possible on your behalf.
  • Fight to argue your case: The Law Offices of Richard A. Stoloff has a high success rate, especially when it comes to pedestrian accidents. We recognize that our clients are going through a difficult time and we provide them with the same helpful and accommodating service that we would offer to a family member during this time.

We extend a promise of high-level, quality legal representation to each and every one of our clients. Pedestrian accidents are never convenient. They are often life changing. We understand this and want to help you recover and move on in any way possible. Because of New Jerseys’ strict statute of limitations, we encourage you to reach out to one of our personal injury lawyers as soon as possible.

Contact a Galloway Township Personal Injury Lawyer to Discuss Your Pedestrian Accident Case in New Jersey

Did you or a loved one sustain serious injuries due to a pedestrian accident in the state of New Jersey? Don’t let the medical bills pile up while you wait for the negligent party or their insurance company to do the right thing. Right now, you need an aggressive personal injury attorney on your side, fighting to get you the compensation you need, want, and deserve. The skilled attorneys at the Law Offices of Richard A. Stoloff represent clients injured because of a pedestrian accident in Atlantic City, Hamilton, Ventnor City, Galloway Township, and throughout New Jersey. Call (609) 601-2233 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation about your case. We have an office conveniently located at 605 New Road, Linwood, NJ 08221, as well as an office in Philadelphia, PA.

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