Dangers of Autonomous Cars

As society continually advances, new and exciting technology gets introduced on a regular basis. Some are new inventions that have never been seen before and others are improvements on inventions that are in use today.

The automobile is one such product that seemingly improves with each passing year. Cars today differ greatly from the Ford Model T, the first affordable automobile. Glove compartments that were once filled with maps and directions are now unoccupied as most cars come standard with a GPS built in.

The advances in automobile technology are numerous and they do not look to be losing steam anytime soon. The most recent technological advance was the introduction of autonomous cars, which are vehicles that do not require a driver.

It sounds like a scary concept, but the idea behind the technology is to actually reduce the high number of automobile accidents that occur each year. A car that can drive itself eliminates human error (distracted driving) that leads to a high percentage of accidents.

Driverless Vehicles Still Need Work

Even though the theory makes sense, making it so autonomous cars can operate flawlessly and without incident is a tall order at the moment. Recent news headlines point to an incident that took place in Arizona.

A woman who was walking her bike across a four lane road was struck and killed by an Uber car that was traveling in autonomous mode. While the incident is still under investigation, it sheds light on the simple fact that autonomous cars still have a long way to go before they eliminate car accidents all together.

As the technology continues to be tested in areas without regular, high volumes of traffic, it poses the question as to who is responsible or liable in such accidents.

NJ Lawyer Will Find Responsible Parties

It may seem daunting to figure out who exactly would be responsible in that scenario. That is why having an experienced personal injury lawyer in your corner is paramount to successful filing a claim.

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