What are Contingency Fees in PA and NJ?

When you are seeking out a personal attorney, you are likely to hear that some lawyers will accept your case on a “contingency fee” basis. It’s important to understand the legal definition of this term as well as the advantages and disadvantages of such representation before selecting the personal injury lawyer that’s right for you.

Contingency Fees in NJ and PA

If you and your lawyer are working together in a contingent fee arrangement, then your attorney will only receive payment when you win in court. These arrangements are most common in both personal injury or Workers’ Compensation cases but may extend to other areas as well. Often, attorneys will request one third or some other set percentage of the overall compensation award you will receive. If you lose your case in court, then the attorney won’t receive payment. This arrangement is beneficial because your lawyer is personally motivated to win your case and achieve maximum compensation. You also won’t have to pay anything up front. The downside to this agreement is that you may wind up paying more in attorneys fees then you would paying at an hourly rate.

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