Common Types of Accidents Caused By Drunk Drivers

Drunk driving accounts for a large percentage of not only U.S. car accidents, but also ones right here in New Jersey. Sadly, accidents that involve drunk driving are often severe. This is because the drunk driver’s reaction time is significantly reduced. This often means that they crash into other cars at higher speeds, often leading to severe injuries.

Common Collisions From Drunk Drivers in New Jersey

These are some of the most common types of collisions by drunk drivers in New Jersey:

Rear-End Accidents

A rear-end accident occurs when one vehicle slams into another from behind. This can be severe as the person in front may not have time to brace for the impact. They may not even realize that the person behind them is coming at them full speed, and even if they do, they may not have time to move. Rear-end collisions are common especially when a drunk driver is also engaged in other dangerous driving behaviors, like speeding or texting and driving.

Pedestrian Accidents

A pedestrian accident occurs when a moving vehicle hits a pedestrian. A driver who is under the influence may not be as aware of their surroundings. This type of accident is especially common at night. Drunk driving rates increase at night and the reduced visibility that comes with nighttime can make it difficult to notice nearby pedestrians.

Head-On Accidents

A head-on accident occurs when two, or more vehicles, hit each other head-on. It usually leads to bad injuries as you have to consider the speed of impact from both drivers. This most often occurs when a driver swerves into another lane in oncoming traffic. A driver who is under the influence may not realize that they are swerving until it’s too late.

These are just a few of the types of accidents that can occur from drunk driving. Drunk driving is a form of negligence, which means that the driver can be held responsible if it’s deemed that they were under the influence. Even if a driver is minimally over the legal limit of 0.08 percent, they could be liable.

Were You Injured By a Drunk Driver?

Were you recently injured in a car accident in which you believe that drunk driving was involved? You may have legal rights available beyond your insurance coverage. Because New Jersey is a no-fault insurance state, your coverage options are typically limited following a car accident.

Depending on the type of insurance you have, your policy may only cover your vehicle’s damages. Because drunk driving accidents often lead to painful injuries, including broken bones or internal bleeding, it’s likely that your costs will be high. You may also find it difficult to return to work, which has its own cost implications.

Consider discussing your case with a lawyer as soon as possible. A car accident lawyer can help you discover what happened while also protecting your legal rights and fighting to get the compensation you need to cover your damages. Whether you have a totaled vehicle or expensive medical bills, it’s only right that the responsible party pays for your costs.

Contact an Egg Harbor Personal Injury Lawyer to Discuss Your Car Accident Case in New Jersey

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