Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents Increasing During the Summer

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With more new drivers on the road, travel, construction, and more people consuming alcoholic drinks, the summer season is prime time for motorcycle accidents to happen. Some or all of these factors can be involved at the time of a crash. Drivers should take every precaution because driving in a densely populated state like New Jersey, in addition to all of the factors listed above, make the summer a very dangerous time for motorcyclists.


The months of June, July and August are popular times for people to travel for a vacation, visit relatives or take day trips. In the warmer months, you will see a lot more people on the road causing traffic congestion to get worse. This is especially true for New Jersey as it is a small and densely populated state. Of course, if you live in New Jersey, you know that beach goers can make summertime traffic unbearable. With more drivers on the road there is a higher chance of getting into an accident. For those who ride motorcycles, there is a higher chance of serious injury, so make sure to cover up and wear a helmet during the summer season and check traffic levels.

Summer Break for Students

During the summer, students will be home on vacation which means a lot more new and inexperienced drivers will be on the road during this time. Although not every young person is a “bad driver,” people who have less experience driving tend to make more mistakes. With more new drivers on the road, it is more likely that a collision will happen which can be very dangerous for motorcycle drivers since their chance of serious injury in an accident is much higher.

Summer Construction

Construction slows down over the winter when snowfall and low temperature make working difficult. As spring turns to summer, you will definitely notice construction picking up again. Construction causes a lot of road hazards like slower speed limits, traffic cones, construction vehicles, and workers — all of which can cause an accident if the driver is not paying attention to their surroundings.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence, unfortunately, happens throughout the year. However, in the summer season, the warm weather brings along with it a laid-back nature, a sense of vacation and a thirst for a cold drink. Drinking tends to be involved in a lot of summer activities, such as visiting the beach or getting together with friends. Unfortunately, some people still decide to get behind the wheel. Driving while drunk is a crime of negligence and can result in motorcyclists getting seriously injured or worse. Watch out for reckless driving on the weekends and especially on Memorial Day Weekend and over the Fourth of July holiday.

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