Accidents Resulting From Bad Weather

Weather can be a major factor in any accident. Rain, sleet, snow, and fog can impair a person’s ability to perform, whether it be driving a car or working on a job site. If you have been involved in an accident where weather was at play, you don’t need to disregard your claims as the other party may have responsibility for your injuries. It is their duty to make sure the area is safe, so you are not subject to harm.

These common accidents that occur during bad weather are often the fault of another party.

Car Accidents

Motorists need to be safe on the road and not put you at risk. Another motorist can be responsible during poor weather if they are following too close or going too fast for conditions. Other factors such as not using headlights or windshield wipers properly can cause accidents with liability.

Worksite Injuries

Job sites have the potential for grave injury with bad weather making them even more treacherous. If a contractor knowingly leaves an area of a work site unsafe because of weather conditions, they open themselves up to negligence. Job sites should have safety plans in place to protect workers and keep areas free of accidents, no matter the weather condition.

Slips And Falls

When the weather acts up, surfaces can easily become slick, causing slips and falls. It is the responsibility of the building or homeowner to make sure the area in and around their business or home is free of hazards no matter the weather conditions. Liability falls on the property owner if the weather is the cause of the injury and they failed to prevent it.

While accidents can happen on the best of days, poor weather makes everything more unsafe and can put you at risk for injury if the responsible party doesn’t take the care that is required to keep you safe.

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