6 Delayed Symptoms From a Car Accident You Shouldn’t Ignore

Some injuries following a car accident require immediate medical care. Others, however, may not exhibit symptoms until long after the auto accident occurs.

Here are a few auto accident symptoms you should never ignore:

Head Pain

You may initially write off head pain to the impact of your head on the dashboard or window during a car accident. While you may expect the pain to eventually decrease and go away, this is not always the case. Headaches can indicate a traumatic brain injury, or internal bleeding, which can both get worse over time.

Neck Pain

The same goes for neck pain. While whiplash is common and does often go away, it isn’t the only cause of neck pain. Neck pain can also be due to a herniated disc or a more serious back injury. If your neck hurts after being in an auto accident, it’s important to seek medical care, even if the symptoms don’t show up for a while, long after the accident.

Confusion or Behavioral Changes

With an influx of fear and pain, feelings of confusion or behavioral changes may not seem like a big deal. However, these changes can indicate a concussion. Concussions can sometimes lead to changes in your personality. It may also include head pain or hearing issues. In some cases, these symptoms can also indicate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Back Pain

Some amount of back pain may be expected following an auto accident. It’s still a good idea to have it checked out to ensure that it’s not something else. Back pain can be due to sudden impact with the seatbelt, or the jerk forward. It can also be from a herniated disc or spinal injury that may have delayed symptoms.

Tingling in the Legs or Arms

Tingling in the legs or arms can also be a sign that you need medical care. This often means that a nerve is pinched and unable to flow freely.


Some people may feel uneasy or nauseous following an auto accident, which is kind of an expectation. Your feelings of nausea may be due to more than the fear of the accident, like an internal injury. The only way to find out is to seek a medical evaluation. Waiting too long can lead to a worsening of the condition.

Always Seek Immediate Medicare Care

Seeking medical care may not be your biggest priority following an auto accident, especially if your vehicle was damaged or you were on your way to work. It may be one of the most important things that you do though. Your symptoms may not show up for hours, days, or even weeks. At this point, the condition may have worsened, leading to a worse outcome.

Additionally, if you do decide to pursue compensation from the responsible party later, it will be difficult to connect it to the accident. Scheduling a check-up with a medical provider protects you in two different ways. It ensures that you don’t have any hidden conditions. It also protects your legal rights by documenting the accident as the cause.

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