10 Car Accident Documents to Bring to Your Initial Consultation With a Lawyer

Hiring a car accident attorney can be a good decision when navigating a car accident case. One of the first steps when hiring a car accident attorney is to meet with potential lawyers through an initial consultation. Bringing certain documents to your initial consultation can give your lawyer the information they need to determine if you have a case.

Make sure to bring these 10 critical documents to your initial consultation:

Insurance Information

Your insurance information can provide your lawyer with valuable details. Your insurance policy allows them to understand what benefits you’re entitled to.

The Other Driver’s Information

If you have it, bring the other driver’s information. This includes their contact information and their insurance company’s information.

Invoices or Receipts

Bring invoices or receipts if you owe anything or have spent funds already. You may be able to recover damages from the accident, including medical bills, lost wages, or property damages.

A Copy of the Police Report

A copy of the police report may be important to your case. Bring this with you so your lawyer can use it in your case.

Mental Health Records

Pain and suffering are sometimes a part of car accident cases. If the car accident caused you emotional harm, be sure to bring these documents from your mental health provider with you.

Photographs of the Accident

Photographs can be especially beneficial in a car accident case. If you or anyone else at the scene of the accident took photographs after the car accident, be sure to bring them with you.

Videos of the Accident

Videos are also useful information. Find out if you or anyone else captured any video footage following the car accident.

Witness Statements

Witness statements can also be valuable to a car accident case. If you have access to the contact information or actual witness statements, be sure to give them to your lawyer.

Statements from the Other Driver

If the other driver made any statements, bring those to your initial appointment. Certain statements may prove the other driver’s negligence, which may be important to your case.

A Copy of Your Medical Records

One of the elements to prove in a car accident case is damages. One way to do this is by showing your medical records.

Before your initial consultation, try collecting as many of these as possible. If you’re having trouble tracking any of them down, your lawyer may be able to help. The more documents that you have, the easier it is to build your case. The goal is to prove to the insurance company or court that the other driver was negligent and that they cost you recoverable damages.

When to Talk With a Car Accident Lawyer

It’s a good idea to talk to a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Collecting all these documents and building your case can take some time. New Jersey does have a two-year limit on filing a case. Waiting too long can make you ineligible for filing a claim with the New Jersey courts, meaning you won’t be able to pursue compensation.

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